FortniteAndroid.App: Why You Shouldn't Download ‘Fortnite’ From This Site

Don't fall for it. 

Epic Games gave a release window for the Android version of Fortnite last week. The news didn’t cause much of a stir, but it did catch the attention of some nefarious scammers who are trying to fool Android users with a fake app.

A site called “” claims smartphone users can download the game for a two-week period. But spending a few extra seconds viewing the site makes it easy to pinpoint the telltale signs of a fake site and a likely link to a file containing malware.

There are a few obvious flaws with the site, with the big one being that it’s not at all related to the official Fortnite website, as per screenshots below:

Desktop view of fake "Fortnite' Android site

The homepage will change its graphics depending on the size of the browser window, but it will also change the dates of availability from “MAY 17 –MAY 12” on desktop view to “From Now – 9 JUL” on mobile view.

Mobile view of fake 'Fortnite' Android site

There is also a legal disclaimer about the site not being associated with Facebook at the bottom of the mobile site, while on the desktop site, the words are hard to see due to the color of the text and background. The download button links to a MediaFire site, which is a reputable site for downloading files but not a site Epic would use to distribute a beta of its game.

There are also multiple issues when viewing the source code for the site, such as the title of the site saying it’s giving away V-Bucks.

Fake 'Fortnite' Android site source code

This is not the first instance of the Android version of Fortnite being ostensibly plugged by apparent hackers. Earlier in May, emails went out claiming the receiver was able to access the beta. Nick Chester, PR manager for Epic Games, tweeted that the emails were not from Epic and were part of a phishing scam.

It may be a lot to bear to wait for the release of Fortnite for Android, but it’s better to hang on a bit longer than download software that can ruin your devices.

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