SNL Takes on "BBQ Becky" Meme With Aidy Bryant as the "Woman on the Phone"

BBQ Becky comes to SNL.

by Catie Keck

Just as we thought we’d seen the last of so-called “BBQ Becky,” the season closer of Saturday Night Live gifted us with not one, but two cameos courtesy comedian Aidy Bryant. Imitating the woman who inspired a hundred memes, Bryant donned a wig, a blue hoodie, and a pair of the now-infamous wraparound sunglasses for her appearances.

Eagle-eyed Twitter user @CourtneySoliday noticed Bryant’s first appearance as BBQ Becky following the sign-off for SNL’s segment “Weekend Update.” Saying nothing, Bryant is shown walking into the frame — cell phone attached to her ear — as the shot fades out. Bryant, mimicking the charcoal barbecue patrol in an exaggerated grimace, is seen only for a few brief moments — but that wasn’t her only cameo.

The same Twitter user tweeted a gif of Bryant’s second appearance as the woman for the show’s closing credits, with SNL cast member Leslie Jones seemingly losing it behind her as Bryant glares at the audience — phone still in hand and pressed to her ear.

BBQ Becky took the internet by storm following an incident that occurred at Oakland’s Lake Merritt late last month. According to reports, as well as video footage that surfaced online, the woman in question called the police on two black men for using charcoal at a non-designated charcoal grill location. The video sparked outrage and local rallies over the incident, and people of color in the Oakland area have since organized community cookouts at the park.

“BBQing While Black,” one such event that took place Sunday, reportedly drew as many as 2,000 people. The event encouraged any and all to attend, according to the event’s organizers and people present.

“This what Oakland do,” Onsayo Abram, one of the men reportedly targeted for barbecuing last month, told Fox-affiliate KTVU of the event. “This is for everybody.”