15 Hilarious "BBQ Becky" Memes

Pro tip: Don't be this person.

by Catie Keck

An incident over a charcoal barbecue in Oakland, California late last month gave rise to what is arguably one of this month’s best memes: BBQ Becky. Also known as the “woman on the phone” meme, BBQ Becky — as she’s come to be known — perfectly encapsulates why it’s best to mind your own business (and not be terrible).

The incident that spawned a hundred memes occurred after a woman reportedly called the cops on two black men for barbecuing. According to reports, as well as a video of the altercation, the woman in question asserted that the men were not permitted to use charcoal at their specific grill location at Lake Merritt. Matters appeared to escalate after Michelle Snider, the wife of one of the men, began filming the incident.

After the video was posted to YouTube April 29, the internet moved into action. BBQ Becky was photoshopped into images of everything from pop culture figures like Chadwick Boseman’s Black Panther to photos of people doing completely normal, everyday activities. In each, BBQ Becky appears to be policing completely innocuous action. Inverse has rounded up the 15 best BBQ Becky memes — because if anything ever deserved to be meme-ified, it’s the BBQ police.

15. In the Heavens Above Pride Rock

14. While Witnessing a Tan Suit

13. At a Peaceful Protest

12. While Minding Your Own Business

11. At Barack Obama’s Second Inauguration

10. In Wakanda

9. On the Set of “Family Affair”

8. At a Graduation

7. At a JOANN Fabric & Craft Store

6. At Soul Train

5. While Crashing the Royal Wedding

4. While Chasing Waterfalls

3. At the Last Supper

2. When Spotting Black Panther

1. At a Damn BBQ

As Snider, the creator of the video, told the SFGate last week, “We shouldn’t criminalize people for barbecuing at the lake.”

Pro tip: Don’t be this person.