Here's Every MCU and DC Easter Egg in 'Deadpool 2'

"Zip it, Thanos!"

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Deadpool, being part of Fox’s X-Men franchise, isn’t associated with the Marvel Cinematic Universe or, gasp, the DC Extended Universe, but the Merc With a Mouth is aware of the competition. Deadpool 2 is packed with meta references to Ryan Reynold’s less-than-glorious filmography and tons of shout-outs to obscure X-Men lore, but Deadpool also reaches through the fourth wall to crack wise at the DCEU and MCU’s expense.

We haven’t rounded-up every X-Men Easter egg or joke, because there are far more of them and they are much more integral to Deadpool 2’s plot. Like, is it an “Easter egg” that the Juggernaut is in the movie, or is he just … a fairly major character in a movie? With the MCU and DC movies, it’s easier to distinguish. These are just goofs for the sake of being goofy, and most of ‘em are pretty funny. Here is every joke or reference we found while watching the movie.

There are some spoilers for Deadpool 2 in this post, probably.

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Our Moms Are Both Named Martha

During the beginning of the movie, Wade tells Vanessa that he was late because he was fighting with somebody else in a costume, but they stopped the battle once they learned that both of their moms were named “Martha.” This is the big twist in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Man, what a dumb, stupid movie.


Basically Hawkeye

When Deadpool is arrested and fitted with a collar that disables his regenerative mutant powers, he glumly quips that without his power’s he’s “basically Hawkeye” with no bow and arrow.


Winter Soldier Arm

Upon seeing Cable, Deadpool says the Mutant from the future has “a Winter Soldier Arm,” likening Cable’s cybernetic appendage to the MCU’s Bucky Barnes’s mechanic left hook.

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I’m Batman

Deadpool says “I’m Batman.” This is funny because he’s not actually Batman, he’s Deadpool.

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Sure You’re Not From the DC Universe?

While talking to Cable, Deadpool notes that he’s so dark and gritty that he doesn’t seem like he fits in to the rest of the lighter, brighter tone of most of the movies based on Marvel comics. The DCEU is notoriously the “darker” of the two main superhero franchises, and popular consensus seems to be that it’s not to the series’s benefit. There’s a reason why Wonder Woman is the best DC movie.


Black Black Widow

Deadpool calls Domino (Zazie Beetz) “Black Black Widow,” because she’s both the X-Force’s Black Widow counterpart (token female teammate, probably more competent than any of the other members of the Avengers) and because she’s black. We really don’t need to overthink this.


Zip It, Thanos

Josh Brolin, who plays Cable in Deadpool 2, also played the big bad villain Thanos in a small indie movie called Avengers: Infinity War that premiered about a month before Deadpool 2 did.


Hey Big Guy…

While trying to defeat Juggernaut, Deadpool says “hey big guy, sun’s getting real low.” That’s the same line that Black Widow uses to calm down the Hulk and get him to revert to Bruce Banner in Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Brown Panther

Towards the end of the film, Deadpool calls Dopinder “Brown Panther,” a riff on Marvel’s Black Panther.

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Green Lantern

The last of Deadpool 2’s post-credits scenes has the Merc With a Mouth use Cable’s time-traveling device to travel back to about 2009 when Ryan Reynolds was cast as the lead in Green Lantern. It ended up being a stinker of a movie and a stain on Reynolds’s career. Reynolds — and Deadpool — have made fun of the movie before, but Deadpool 2 ends with the Merc shooting Reynolds in the back of the head, execution style, thereby preventing Green Lantern from ever having been made. You’re welcome.

Deadpool 2 is now in theaters.