Boston Dynamics: New Horrifying Tricks From the SpotMini and Atlas

Now they can chase you down with ease. 

If the Earth is conquered by robots sometime in the future then the world can look at Boston Dynamics as the starting point for the demise of the human race. The robotics company released new videos of its Atlas and MiniSpot robots doing new tricks, and it’s both fascinating and terrifying.

SpotMini is Boston Dynamics four-legged robot that inspired the Black Mirror episode, “Metalhead.” It previously was able to open doors and help with the dishes, but now the metal dog nightmare can travel on its own through a navigation system making it easier to find where you’re hiding in the future. Atlas is the almost five-foot-tall robot that was shown previously as helping out with packages and doing a sweet backflip. The newest video shows the robot running through the woods, which would be an ideal place for humans to run to if chased by a killer bot. It can also jump over obstacles showing there is one less way to evade it.

Boston Dynamic has amazed many with its robot videos. The SpotMini made its first official appearance in 2016, but on the company’s YouTube channel, videos from 2009 show the early work that eventually led to the creation of a new robot that literally inspired a horror episode.

That same year, Boston Dynamics released a video featuring Atlas and how it was able to pick up boxes on its own and pick itself up when it fell. Then last year, the company showed the bipedal robot’s agility as it jumped from box to box with ease.

Last year, Google put Boston Dynamics up for sale as it saw not much revenue coming from robots, but Softbank, owner of the Pepper robot, swooped in to purchase the robotics company and is bringing forth the eventual robot apocalypse. Boston Dynamics plans to start selling the SpotMini in 2019, just enough time to gather robot-destroying weapons.

In March, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has already been seen with a SpotMini and played a game of Beer Pong with a robot showing what side of the robot war he stands on.

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