What Flying Through the Milky Way Looks Like

A YouTube user pasted together images from the Spitzer Space Telescope and it's great set to music.

YouTube user daveachuk has strung together over 400,000 images of the Milky Way Galaxy from the Spitzer Space Telescope into a trippy eight-minute video featuring adequately epic music by a band called Hammock. The images were taken over a six-year period and the video took five months to edit.

“This isn’t CGI,” daveachuk writes in the video’s description, “It’s just a bunch of image manipulation of gigabytes and gigapixels of data.”

As the video explains, these views aren’t visible to the naked eye due to clouds of dust and gas, but the Spitzer’s ability to pick up infrared light has allowed it to capture some truly incredible footage ever since it was launched in 2003.

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