This Post-Workout Drink Is Also the Best Electrolyte-Filled Hangover Cure

LyteShow Electrolyte Concentrate rehydrates you without any needless bells and whistles.

Unsplash / Tim Foster

Electrolytes are key to hydration, and while it can be difficult to prove their inclusion in blue sports drinks or water promoted by Jennifer Aniston, electrolyte-rich drinks are often lauded as solutions to basic everyday problems and ailments (we’re mostly talking about hangovers).

There is no more everyday, more boring problem than a hangover. No one cares about your hangover because you did it to yourself. This isn’t a flu or an emergency dental situation; you can’t call in sick to work because you willingly gave yourself a gentle poisoning the night before. You just have to deal with it, and soldier on. Some use inhuman amounts of coffee. Some like to toss three Advil, wear sunglasses, and try to forget about the world for the day.

Or you can turn to LyteShow, an electrolyte concentration that you add to a glass of water for serious rehydration. There are no extra calories, colors, sugars, or anything else. Just good old-fashioned essential minerals like potassium, zinc, and magnesium. And, of course, the electrolytes.

One pack of LyteShow, which includes 40 servings of the life-saving elixir. That’s not a scientifically sound statement, but based on my limited experience of it (I drank a lot on Saturday as an… experiment), more than 2,000 four or five-star reviews on Amazon, and the backing of Inverse CEO himself, Dave Nemetz, this is as close to a surefire new hangover cure/workout recovery potion to try as you’ll find anywhere else.

So why not give it a go and, for $14.99, grab 40 tickets to the LyteShow? Sorry. I’m sorry.

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