I'm Obsessed With This Cheap Bedding Brand on Amazon

VogueMarket will upgrade your sleep game forever.


Something that sets thriving, normal, and irresistibly hot adults from other, less important people is the state of their bed. I don’t care whether you’re rocking a California King or a Twin XL, a Casper mattress or a low-range IKEA hand-me-down: nothing is more important than some good quality sheets and bedding.

First, let’s get a couple of things out the way: No, thread count doesn’t mean a damn thing. It’s about the quality of the materials. You can have 10,000,000 thread count sheets made out of hay if it makes you feel any better, but they’ll pale in comparison to some well-built cotton ones. Secondly: Please have at least two nice pillows. Four, if you dare become the ultimate bed-haver. These from Pinzon [Amazon, $18.43] are good, cheap, and will last you years. You won’t regret it. A comfy fitted sheet is also a must, and I love these [Amazon, $34.33] with all my heart.

But mostly, we’re here to talk about bedding. That’s the part people see, and the part that keeps you warm at night while absorbing your beautiful, unique smells and sweat and other perfectly natural, definitely-not-gross things. To that end, comfort and attractiveness are the names of the game here, and the VogueMarket brand on Amazon delivers both like crazy.


[Amazon, $58]VogueMarket uses seriously soft, all-cotton duvet covers and pillow shams to turn your bed into a veritable sleep haven. Little touches like ties to keep your duvet corners in place, and a hidden zipper for easy sheet switching, are game-changers. Not only that, they come in all kinds of different styles to fit your aesthetics and bed size.

I already have three sets, and am eyeing my fourth, but you don’t have to be an insane person like me. Just buy one set and have your sleep game upgraded forever. You will not regret it.

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