Best 'Star Wars' Movie Ever Might Not Be a Classic, According to Fan Poll

Asking someone to pick their favorite movie is a pretty innocent question. But asking a Star Wars fan to pick their favorite Star Wars movie and then have them debate as to why that one is the best is to invite insanity. Last week, on May the Fourth, StarWars.com opened up that specific can of space worms with the simple question: What is Your Favorite Star Wars Movie? And the results are totally shocking.

Update: As of Thursday, The Empire Strikes Back closed the gap and now has 41 percent of the vote, meaning it’s easily beating The Last Jedi. HOWEVER, as stated in the original article below, Revenge of the Sith is still somehow more popular with these fans than A New Hope.

According to 19,842 votes tallied as of Monday morning, the best Star Wars movie is…Episode VIII: The Last Jedi! 30 percent of the people who participated in the poll picked The Last Jedi as their favorite Star Wars movie. Meanwhile, only 26 percent selected The Empire Strikes Back; the film that usually dominates these kinds of polls. Presumably, because The Last Jedi is considered by many to sort of be the new trilogy’s version of The Empire Strikes Back, a poll that didn’t include The Last Jedi as one of the options, might have had those voters choosing Empire. Though, that is obviously wild speculation.

The results on StarWars.com as of Monday morning.StarWars.com

However, The Last Jedi leading the results wasn’t even the most shocking thing. Instead, the fact that Episode III: Revenge of the Sith got 14 percent of the vote was positively staggering. If this poll represented all Star Wars fans, it would mean people would rather watch Anakin yell “From my point of view, the Jedi are evil!” than any scene in The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Return of the Jedi or…A New Hope. That’s right, according to this poll, Revenge of the Sith is considerably more popular than A New Hope, the original Star Wars film that started it all.

In fairness, the number of people who took this poll isn’t a huge sample set, and the voting is still open. Which means, there’s still time to vote for your favorite Star Wars film. For example, if you think The Phantom Menace is being treated unfairly, you can round up some Gugan sympathizers to cast your vote. Right now, Phantom Menace only has 1 percent of the vote.

Not included in this poll is Solo: A Star Wars Story, which comes out on May 25, 2018 in theaters everywhere.

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