'Avengers: Infinity War' Clue Reveals the Only Way to Defeat Thanos

Tony is the key. 


Movies watchers are still picking up the pieces over the ending of Avengers: Infinity War. With Avengers 4 a year away, the question is what will the heroes have to do in order to save the day. Like many questions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the comics hold the answers.

This post contains spoilers for Infinity War

Out of all the heroes that faced off against Thanos in Infinity War, only Thor came close to defeating the Titan. With his newly forged Stormbreaker, the thunder god drove the weapon into Thanos’ chest causing him pain, but not enough to keep him from snapping his fingers and killing off half of humanity. Still, that weapon almost turned the tide for the Avengers and it’s remarkably similar to the 2011 Marvel crossover event, Fear Itself, as pointed out by Comic Book Resources.

Tony Stark demands to use Odin's Workshop in 'Fear Itself'


During Fear Itself, Asgard and Earth were under attack by Serpent, Odin’s brother and the Norse God of Fear. Leading the charge were several Marvel heroes and villains such as Hulk, Juggernaut, and The Thing, who were under Serpent’s control thanks to the Hammers of the Worthy. Seeing his side powerless against the assault, Tony Stark demands weapons from Odin that can turn the tide. The Norse god allows the use of his workshop in order to create magical Asgardian weapons. Sound familiar?

In Infinity War, Thor travels to Nidavellir with Rocket Raccoon and Groot in order to forge a new weapon since his Mjolnir was destroyed in Thor: Ragnorak. The new weapon, Stormbreaker, required the heat of a star to light the forge that can melt Uru, the magical metal that also made the gauntlet Thanos wears. In Fear Itself, Tony forges several weapons for each of the Avengers using the same metal along with a bit of Stark Technology.

Could this be the reason why Dr. Strange traded the time gem for Tony’s life in Infinity War? The world will find out next year in Avengers 4.

While some people who watched Infinity War lost it over the ending, even going so far as having an ambulance come to a movie theater, there are many who think Thanos did nothing wrong.