Donald Glover Tours Lando's  Millennium Falcon, Implies Calrissian Sister

For all you Solo haters out there, here’s one reason the movie is going to rock: Donald Glover is charming, smart, and clearly a great guy. In a new preview video, Glover gives a tour of Lando’s Millennium Falcon and it’s totally hilarious. Plus, it’s informative, too. Who knew Lando had a secret room? And wait … is there … another … Calrissian?

On Wednesday, Lucasfilm dropped a new preview video for Solo: A Star Wars Story: a behind-the-scenes and very tongue-in-cheek tour of the Millennium Falcon with Donald Glover. For those who haven’t ever watched Glover in shows like Atlanta or Community, or experienced his razor-sharp wit writing 30 Rock scripts, here’s a quick crash course. Glover is funny in the way your funniest friend is funny. He’s just effortlessly hilarious. In the new preview video, Glover talks about things like Lando’s wet bar and refers to the controls in the cockpit of the famous starship as “the sliders” and “the light-up buttons.” It doesn’t get any more meta-charming than this.

Lando makes the jump to hyperspace in 'Solo'


Most revealing though is that Lando has a walk-in “cape room” on the Millennium Falcon which isn’t something we can ever imagine Han Solo having. Which Lando cape is your favorite? Ours is “sister’s wedding cape.” Wait. Does Lando have a sister!!!?

Obviously, Glover was probably just joking around. And yet. If Lando had a canonical sister, that would be freaking awesome.

While it’s unlikely a secret Calrissian sister will appear in Solo, the Star Wars franchise does have a history of secret family members. So, who knows. For now, though, one thing is clear. The Millennium Falcon was way cooler when Lando owned it. Solo is out everywhere on May 25.

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