'Castle Rock' Trailer Has an Ominous Stephen King Easter Egg

They say you can’t go home again, and when your hometown is a notoriously spooky town in Maine that’s haunted by Stephen King’s most terrifying creations, you probably shouldn’t go home. The protagonist of Hulu’s upcoming Castle Rock TV show appears not to have heeded that advice, as seen in the new trailer that hit the web on Tuesday.

Stephen King fans still don’t know exactly how Hulu’s series is going to weave different parts of the horror master’s impressive library of creations together for the show, but the trailer reveals glimpses of what looks like Shawshank State Prison and the number “237,” a reference to the most notorious room in the Hotel Overlook from The Shinning.

Previous trailers have made references to Salem’s Lot, Needful Things, Annie Wilkes from Misery, and Pennywise from It.

The new trailer seems to promise plenty of fresh scares. There are flashes of a creepy masked woman, a bloody body under a sheet, and an alligator — not an animal that’s commonly found in Maine. A voiceover delivered by Lost actor Terry O’Quinn lays out the cursed history of the town, wondering if it was the Puritan settlers or industry men that caused God to turn his back on Castle Rock.

“They say ‘it wasn’t me, it was this place,’” he says of the many people who do terrible, terrible things in Castle Rock. “And the thing is, they’re right.”

Castle Rock finally has an official premiere date, as of the release of this trailer. The show will debut on July 25 on Hulu.

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