Master the Web's Most Popular Platform With This Amazing Wordpress Bundle

Learn how to write and program with one of the web's most vital tools.

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Did you know WordPress powers nearly half the world’s websites? Everything from huge corporations to sweet old grandmothers blogging about how to make weed-infused roast chicken power their sites with Wordpress, making it the single most important web platform on earth. To that end, it’s in your best interest to learn how it works.

Whether you want to get a brand new ambitious website concept off the ground, or just want a healthier understanding of this vital platform, there’s no better tool than the WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle. Four courses that will teach you everything from strong, effective copywriting, to basic coding and programming skills that will let you design and build your site all by yourself.

With these hands-on courses, you’ll be taught by experts in their fields how to do things like install and set up a WordPress site from scratch, organize and designing your website, and the basics of SEO and social media strategies for getting the best and biggest audience for your projects. You’ll even learn the essentials around web development, so you not only will have one of the best-looking websites out there, you’ll also know how the heck it actually works. Not a lot of people can boast that.

Simply put: there’s never been an easier or more comprehensive way to learn the ins and outs of one of the web’s most vital tools. And it can be yours at an insane discount. Normally $880, The WordPress Essentials Lifetime Bundle is available to Inverse readers for a limited time for just $19. That’s a 97% saving.