New 'Solo' Footage is All About Lando Betting the Millennium Falcon 


It looks like the scene in which Han and Lando gamble for the Millennium Falcon has already been released. But the big question isn’t who wins that spaceship, but instead, which spaceship is Han Solo betting?

On Tuesday, at CinemaCon, Disney screened a key scene from Solo: A Star Wars Story for attendees of the convention. Those who saw it confirmed that it is very clearly a scene in which Han and Lando play the card game sabacc (or is it a dice game?) for ownership of the Millennium Falcon. But as Variety points out, “The footage ended with both men wagering their spaceships.” We know that Lando owns the Falcon at this point, and Han is gonna win it; but what ship are Han and Chewie flying? Is it something they stole? In old legends canon, Chewbacca and Han flew a bunch of borrowed Hutt spaceships before winning the Falcon. But Han also had his own ship for a while called the Bria.

Since 2014, most everything in the old canon of Star Wars books and comics doesn’t count. Though some Legends characters and situations have been re-canonized (most notably Grand Admiral Thrawn) it seems very unlikely Solo will use “Bria” as the name of Han’s first spaceship since it was the name of an old girlfriend who dumped his ass.

Basically, the name young Han Solo’s first ship was exactly like Steve Zissou naming his submarine “Jacqueline” in The Life Aquatic. However, just because Solo won’t use the name “Bria,” what if Han still named his old spaceship after an old girlfriend? Emilia Clarke’s mysterious character Qi’ra has a past with Han Solo, and it seems like they are pretty flirty. Could Han have a spaceship named the Qi’ra before he gets the Falcon from Lando?

We’re just over a month from finding out! Solo: A Star Wars Story hits movie theaters on May 25. Though, if rumors are too be believed, this won’t be the last we see of Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover in the roles of Han and Lando.

On Tuesday, just as this new footage was being screened, Esquire published comments from Ehrenreich in which he revealed he has two more Han Solo movies coming after this. Which is plenty of time for him to mess up the Millennium Falcon real good.

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