What to Know About Snapchat's Rumored "Deleted Memories"

Don't worry, your memories are safe with Snap Inc.

Snap Inc.

Many loyal Snapchatters were given a scare over their Memories this week.

Rumors began to surface over confusion surrounding a message that Snapchat sent users regarding their saved Memories. One user tweeted a screenshot of the said Snap, in which a message implied the company is doing away with its Memories feature. Thankfully, Snap quickly replied to the distraught Snapchatter, and the official Snapchat support account later confirmed the rumor to be “#fakenews.”

Memories has become an integral part of Snapchat since it was introduced in 2016. This is understandable because, for the first time, it gave users the opportunity to save their Snapchat Stories in a safe file to revisit anytime they’d like. Before Memories were introduced, Snapchatters could only “save” their content by taking a screenshot. Even then, there wasn’t an easy way to save videos, as screenshots tend to quickly grab sometimes-blurry images from Snapchat. Users can save their Snap content to their Memories, including under the private “My Eyes Only” section, by simply clicking on a post and clicking the “save” icon.

“You can always save a Story, in case you want to hold on to the whole day 🤗,” Snapchat’s website states. “You can save an entire Story, or just a single Snap from it! Don’t forget: if you’re part of someone else’s Story, you’ll only be able to save your Snaps from it.”

Snap has even uploaded a handy video tutorial to help users easily save, delete, or edit their Memories’ content.

Now that the temporary rumor has been quashed by Snapchat itself, its most enthusiastic users can rest assured their saved Snap selfies aren’t at risk to be lost forever.