Phase 1: Create Terrible Cartoon Children. Phase 2: ? Phase 3: Profit 

Matt Stone and Trey Parker have serious bank coming from Hulu. 

Matt Stone and Trey Parker just signed a deal with Comedy Central for five more years, which makes their dirty-mouthed kids the richest child stars in the world.

This means the series will have more than 300 episodes, which is more than almost any other show that isn’t a soap opera. It’s more than Seinfeld and Game Of Thrones combined. Additionally, Hulu is paying Stone and Parker half of a $192 million deal (the other half, to Comedy Central parent Viacom) to stream every episode, which is also more than they have paid for any other show including Seinfeld, which got a paltry $180 million.

Looks like Parker and Stone’s economic plan has paid off. I think we all know what the takeaway here is.

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