'Lost in Space' Robot Featurette Highlights the Best Part of the Show

Netflix brought Lost in Space back for a massive space adventure and smartly highlighted the best part of the series: the relationship between the young Will Robinson and his new robot friend. Fans of the new series are in luck, as Netflix just gave us even more of the pair in a new featurette.

In the nearly 3-minute video, series star Maxwell Jenkins, who plays Will Robinson, calls the robot’s relationship with the youngest Robinson “the heart of the show,” while the other actors, and the show’s creator, discuss how important the Robot is to Will’s character development.

Will’s character begins the science fiction reboot scared of his new surroundings and overwhelmed by life on a new planet. The featurette details how Will meets the robot, as well as how it helps increase Will’s own confidence while also enabling his family to survive.

'Lost in Space'Netflix

The unconventional friendship makes for the most powerful dynamic of Lost in Space. And even as secrets about the robot surface and threaten to tear them apart, Will continues to have faith in his friend. It’s friendship in its purest form in the unlikeliest of places.

Regardless of what anyone else thought, Will’s relationship with the robot was the Robinsons’ saving grace. Not only did the robot prove himself to be the best ally, but Will stepped up to save his family. Not to mention, the friendship resulted in an equally powerful personal arc for the youngest Robinson.

Lost in Space ends with the Robinsons finding themselves in even more danger. So if the series is renewed, the family unit will need Will’s best friend more than ever.