'Infinity War' Spoilers Won't Come From Robert Downey Jr. For One Reason

Marvel Studios

Robert Downey Jr. has been with the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the beginning, but if the Iron Man actor is to be believed, even he doesn’t know how it ends. Amidst rampant speculation that Tony Stark might be one of the Marvel characters who dies during the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War, Downey said that he doesn’t even know how the film ends, keeping in line with the film’s super secretive narrative.

The Indian news station NDTV briefly chatted with Downey during a press event in Singapore, and he claimed that Marvel had left him in the dark.

“Marvel hasn’t even told me what the end of this movie is,” he said.

Co-stars Benedict Cumberbatch (Doctor Strange), Tom Holland (Spider-Man), and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) similarly claimed they hadn’t seen the movie in an appearance on Good Morning America earlier this month. More than any previous movie in the series, Marvel is really trying to prevent Infinity War spoilers from getting out, even if that means giving the main cast partial scripts.

However, I don’t buy it. Even if RDJ hasn’t seen the end of Infinity War, which seems entirely plausible, the dude at least knows how Iron Man’s plot ends, and unless Iron Man gets killed off before the end of the movie, which would be a shocker, that means he has some idea of how Infinity War is going to wrap up.

lol what if this scene from the trailer is just Iron Man straight-up getting killed in act one of the movie?

Marvel Studios

Downey probably doesn’t know everything, but consider this: If you were an actor, and everybody in the world was trying to get Infinity War spoilers out of you, the easiest way to keep a secret would be to just say “I don’t know.”

This will all be a moot point in exactly a week, though, when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27. Then we’ll have to look forward to doing this same thing with Avengers 4, which is so much of a secret that the cast doesn’t even know what it’s called.