'Infinity War' Clip Proves Shuri is Smarter Than Any Avenger, and She Knows

There are several geniuses in the Avengers, like Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Doctor Strange (hey, a medical genius still counts as a genius). However, as seen in Black Panther, T’Challa’s whiz-kid teenage sister, Shuri, might just be the brightest bulb in the whole MCU. A new clip from the upcoming Infinity War pretty much proves this, and it shows that not only is Shuri the smartest hero around, but she knows it, too.

The clip, which aired as part of actress Letitia Wright’s Wednesday appearance on Good Morning America, features Shuri examining Vision with Bruce Banner in Wakanda. Based on what we’ve been able to put together about the film’s top-secret plot, Vision is seriously injured during Thanos’s initial attempt at the Infinity Stone in his forehead, and the Avengers retreat to Wakanda to try to fix him and defend themselves from Thanos. (The moment comes at 4:18 in the video above.)

“The structure is polymorphic,” Shuri remarks after scanning Vision, somewhat amazed.

“Right, we had to attach each neuron non-sequentially,” Bruce responds.

“Why didn’t you just reprogram the synapses to work connectively?” Shuri says, prompting Vision’s quite incredulous expression.

“Because we … didn’t think of it?” Bruce responds, sheepishly.

“I’m sure you did your best,” Shuri quips.

Here’s the thing about Shuri: She is a genius, but she’s a teenager, so she’s also, inherently, a bit of a little shit. To be fair, though, Tony Stark is a grown-ass man, and he’s incredibly pompous about being a “billionaire genius playboy philanthropist,” as he put it.

So, maybe being a bit full of yourself comes with the territory when you’re one of the MCU’s top minds.

Watch Shuri do intellectual donuts around Bruce, Tony, and Co. when Avengers: Infinity War* opens on April 27.