41 Things on Amazon With a Devoted Fan Base

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Unsplash / Edwin Andrade

There’s a lot of crap on Amazon. That’s unfortunately just a fact for a company with millions of products you can buy sight unseen from all corners of the globe. For every hidden gem, there is equally likely to be some insane nonsense item crafted by a madman that catches on fire the moment you unbox it. Online shopping: high-stakes and it’s exciting.

So, we found a solution: We pored through the site for the very coolest, most popular gear we could possibly find. Those hard-to-find everyday essentials with extreme cult followings. The kind of reviews that begin with, “I never thought I could trust another small-batch soap manufacturer again…” We assembled an extensive list of only the best stuff on Amazon with only the most enthusiastic and devoted fans. Unsurprisingly, there’s some real weird stuff on here.

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