The Best of the 'Every Single Word Spoken by a Person of Color' Films

A Noah Baumbach movie without black people is like, well, a Noah Baumbach movie.

David A. Smith, Getty Images

A couple of weeks age Dylan Morgan, who is a performer and editor, began uploading videos titled “Every Word Spoken By A People of Color in X.” The videos are supercuts of every word spoken by a person of color in various films and unsurprising for Morgan, who is in the business of Hollywood, there wasn’t much material left in movies once all of the white voices were removed. Though the plots are often entirely lost in these cuts, here are a few thoughts on these interesting critiques of Hollywood.

Frances Ha

Frances Ha is a delicate examination of 20-something existential angst, which here is stripped into a muted restaurant chatter and a creepy encounter with a computer nerd. I guess that is close enough.

Into the Wood

A fantastical story is what Into The Woods promises, but I have no idea if it delivers because it transpires in a mystical world completely devote of non-European peoples and is thus 11 seconds long.


Apparently, eight seconds is all it takes to retell the story of Noah once you isolate all of the POC dialogue. Who knew the Vineification of Hollywood already took place?

500 Days of Summer

Every POC here is in a position of servitude, then the last scene shows an interracial marriage. This is actually a retelling of the United States’ 400 years history in under a minute. Bravo.

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