'Pokémon GO' Community Day Offers Trainers Perks and Special Pokémon

Go outside and catch 'em.

Pokémon Go Live

Players who continue to play Pokémon GO have another reason to go outside this month. Not only will they burn a few calories and get some sun, there’s also an increased chance to catch a certain Pokémon, as well as get some other perks, but only for a limited time.

April’s Pokemon GO Community Day starts at 2 p.m. Eastern on Sunday in the U.S., and players can expect to see a lot of Mareeps in the wild. The event lasts for three hours, and during that time more of the electric sheep will spawn throughout the area. If trainers can evolve their Mareep into an Ampharos before the Community Day event ends, it can learn an exclusive move, Dragon Pulse. Another bonus during the event is a reduction of hatch time by one-fourth and three-hour lures.

Developer Niantic started the monthly Pokémon GO Community Day as a way to entice players to go out and meet up with other fellow players like so many did when the game first came out. In March, Bulbasaurs were out in full force for players to catch.

Mareep is an electric Pokémon introduced in Generation 2 of the Pokémon games. It evolves into a Flaaffy, and then its final form is Ampharos, a Light Pokémon.

Trainers who want to jump in on the action can also purchase a Community Day Box available at the in-game shop, which includes Ultra Balls, Super Incubators, and Lucky Eggs. Sunday’s Pokémon GO Community Day is only lasting three hours, so players who want an electric sheep need to get out and start walking.

Even though Pokémon GO is not as popular as it was when it first came out, the game still makes millions. Niantic is also continuing to build on the game to make it a proper Pokémon experience.