This is the Greatest Vine of the Last Week

But really: What are those? 

Getty Images

I’ll admit to being a bit late to the “What are Those” Vines. But “late” on Vine/Instagram means about 24 hours. So for those playing catch up, the initial “What Are Those” video came from youngbusco’s Instagram, where in one post he asked a police officer about their shoes during an arrest.

Then it hit Vine and parodies soon followed. People mashing up cutaways to shoes or whatever might’ve been a surprise reveal.

But today we just wanted to highlight maybe the most popular, but certainly the funniest one. This pinnacle of human achievement that you can watch below auto-tunes the original audio, adds in the Jurassic Park main theme and throws some Yeezys on the feel of dinosaurs in. What is our world without Vine?