11 Things on Amazon for Every Dog in the World

Now you can be man's best friend's best friend.

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Here are some things dogs love in no particular order: Chewing on stuff; Playing; Being nice; Destroying everything you own; Protecting you at all costs; You; Everyone; Everything. Dogs are nature’s triumph and masters of contradiction. They will improve your life immensely, and also will ruin your social life and every single thing you possess that you once held dear. Worth it.

Perhaps the biggest challenge with dogs, on par with taking them on their 7 a.m. walk when you’re blindingly hungover on a Saturday, is keeping them engaged and entertained. While not exactly the neuroscientists of the animal kingdom (I hear it’s pigs), dogs still need plenty of mental stimulation, along with all that exercise and food you’re constantly giving them. Here is the very best stuff for your pup (and, hell, one thing for you), however big or small or cute or fearsome they may be.

monster dog toy
kong wobbler

11. KONG Wobbler: 2-Pack

The KING Wobbler is an essential dog toy to keep in your arsenal: virtually indestructible to even the most enthusiastic pit mix jaws, these toys also dispense treats occasionally, keeping your dog engaged for hours without gorging itself.Amazon, $32.49

lizpet monster ball toy dog

10. Lizpet Squeaky Ball Plush Toy

For the ethical dog owner, getting them toys that look like real animals might feel a bit weird, so instead get this thing which looks like it was rejected from a Dreamworks vision board. Amazon, $12.99

Vabe vibrating collar

9. Vebe No-Shock Bark Collar

Dogs bark, it's natural and it rules, so don't worry. But if you dog barks too much, long into the night, this ethical no-shock bark collar does the trick. I have friends who have sworn by this and their dogs still love them. Amazon, $27.89

veggiedent chews

8. Veggiedent Chews

It's vegetarian, it's good for their teeth, and dogs still love it? They're even more noble, and less fussy, than human children. We don't deserve them. Amazon, $22.28

pet fur brush

7. Pet Fur Remover Brush

If you're tired of buying a new lint roller every month just so you can leave the house looking halfway decent, this is the reusable magic brush for you. Amazon, $15.99

Ware gorilla chew toy

6. Ware Gorilla Chew

Looks and acts like a big bone/piece of wood, without all the splintering and choking and pet bills. Amazon, $16.04

dog owl toy

5. HuggleHounds Poppy The Owl Pet Squeak Toy

Owls are cute, cut so will watching your dog tear into this little guy be. Amazon, $6.99

dog cooling pad

4. All For Paws Pet Cooling Mat

Summer's coming, and dogs hate it when they're not running at full speed through a sprinkler again and again. Give your pup a break with this nifty cooling pad. You don't need to plug it in or refrigerate it or anything. It just... works. Amazon, $29.99

smartbones treats

3. Smartbones Peanut Butter Dog Chews

These things have saved my ass more times than I can tell you. Whether you need to distract your dog for five minutes while you nip out for groceries, or keep it from howling until dinner time, these treats will sate it. Amazon, $10.94

chuckit ball launcher

2. Chuckit! Ball Launcher

Do what they say and chuck it. You've never seen joy until you've seen your dog watch you absolutely LAUNCH their favorite ball into the stratosphere. Amazon, $9.92

summer lightning wodehouse

1. Summer Lightning by P.G. Wodehouse

Great book. My dog ate my copy and seemed to enjoy it, so. Amazon, $12.64

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