What Is Planet X? Non-Existent Nibiru Rumored to Hit Earth April 23

A. Passwaters/Rice University based on original courtesy of NASA JPL-Caltech

Just like a rash that you can’t seem to get rid of, Nibiru conspiracy theories are once again flooding the internet with their apocalyptic nonsense. The idea is that an alleged exoplanet, also known as Planet X, will come barging into the solar system and either slam into Earth or mess with our planet’s magnetic feng shui so much it would destroy humanity. While a planetary collision might seem like the perfect solution to life’s troubles, it’s not going to happen. Heartbreaking, we know.

The latest version of this theory comes courtesy of the British tabloid the Daily Express, which was then picked up by Fox News and other American publications. This time, numerologist David Meade has scheduled the Rapture for April 23, so mark those calendars because that Monday could be a blast! Or it will just be another regular day much like the other thousand times doomsdays prophecies have flopped.

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You would think that the people pushing this theory would follow the cardinal rule of baseball, three strikes and you’re out, but Nibiru truthers have been swinging since 1995.

Via Fox News.

Fox News

Via Daily Express.

Daily Express

It all started with the self-described “contactee,” Nancy Lieder that claimed she had been chosen to warn humankind about an impending collision with Planet X. Lieder founded the website ZetaTalk, where she told visitors that she had been in communication with aliens from the Zeta Reticuli star system through an implant in her brain. Originally, Lieder said that Nibiru was supposed to slide into the solar system in May 2003 but it has since left us hanging. The hoax caught some traction following the 2012 apocalypse prediction and has since made a comeback pretty much every year.

Since it’s NASA’s job to look at space, it has released multiple statements debunking the existence of Planet X. The main takeaway here is that astronomers have spotted many asteroids much smaller than a planet approaching Earth, yet there are no signs of a rogue exoplanet hurtling towards us.

So unless Niribu pulls a Goku and appears out of thin air Earth, is safe to live another day. Sorry, everyone.

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