'Muppets Minus Muppets' Demonstrates the Power of Puppets

One brave youtuber put his editing skills to strange yet amazing use 

As clickbaity and hashtagged as the Internet can be, it’s also a place of dazzling wonder an innovation. Sometimes, you stumble upon the right Youtube video that renews your faith in humanity again. “Muppets Minus Muppets,” which shows celebrities interacting with nothing is exactly that sort of thing. By removing our furry heroes entirely, it demonstrates their incredible star power and how remarkably lifelike the interactions they provoke are.

The celebrities in the video look insane, but the trick is this: They look insane because they aren’t talking to a cloth-covered hand. It’s a hell of a reminder that our brains are super efficient narrative-building machines.

There is also just the pure joy of watching Steve Martin, Quentin Tarantino and Nicole Kidman have enthusiastic conversations with empty chairs, pumpkins, and trashcans. Most of the celebs look like they need to go back on their meds, but Tarantino doesn’t. Tarantino just looks like Tarantino being Tarantino.