Yodeling Walmart Kid: 17 Best Twitter Memes That Are a Beautiful Dream

This 11-year-old gave the internet yodeling fever.

The now-viral video of a young boy yodeling inside a Walmart is the internet gift that keeps on giving.

Mason Ramsey, an 11-year-old boy from Golconda, Illinois, became an overnight sensation when a recent tweet of his cover of Hank Williams’s “Lovesick Blues” at the big-box store received hundreds of thousands of likes. Ramsey wasted no time introducing himself to the internet. He’s already created a Twitter account, where he’s uploaded adorable videos of himself singing and interacts with his newfound fans. He’s even retweeted some of the memes his yodeling has inspired since he burst onto the scene.

While yodeling itself is one of the most difficult singing styles around, the internet wasted no time putting its spin on Ramsey’s renditions with the help of hilarious memes. Inverse rounded up 17 of the best memes inspired by Yodeling Kid’s undeniable all-American talent.

17. SpongeBob’s Sandy Cheeks Gets Her Yodel On

16. Yodeling Gets the Jersey Shore Fist Bump Treatment

15. Watch out, Lady Liberty…

14. Even Prince Harry Got in on the Action

13. Dramatic, Yet True

12. The Goths Got in on the Fun

11. Some Turned Up the Sounds

10. Others Went With a Meryl Streep Meme

9. More Cybergoths Gone Yodeling

8. A Good ‘ol “Me, an Intellectual” Meme

7. “Wanna Feel Old?”

6. And Another One

5. And Yet Another One…

4. He’s Got Alicia Keys’s Vote on The Voice

3. Yodeling Walmart Boy’s Future Looks Bright

2. Somehow, Facebook Is Never Safe

1. Extremely Country Mood

The viral video has inspired countless musical genre remixes and celebrity endorsements, including Steve Aoki, The Chainsmokers, and Millie Bobby Brown. The young yodeler can hold his own against country legends, as he’s already opened shows for Kenny Rogers, Gene Watson, and the Bellamy Brothers.

Yodeling Kid may have single-handedly brought this traditional singing style into the social media mainstream and has inspired countless memes and remixes along the way.

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