Yodeling Walmart Kid: 5 Best Remixes of the Internet's Favorite Meme

Even Millie Bobby Brown has a favorite.

Yodeling Kid’s fame doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. Mason Ramsey yodeled his way into the nation’s heart after a video of him singing at his local Walmart went viral. While celebrity endorsements continue to emerge, Ramsey’s a cappella cover of Hank Williams’s “Lovesick Blues” is being sampled and remixed across genres.

Ramsey was already something of a local celebrity in his hometown of Golconda, Illinois. The 11-year-old’s surprising vocal range and predilection of Hank Williams covers earned him the nickname “Little Hank.” Ramsey has performed in local venues around Golconda and has opened shows for Kenny Rogers, Gene Watson, and the Bellamy Brothers.

“I had a karaoke set up in my garage and Hank Williams is my favorite, so I always had his music playing,” Ernest Ramsey, Mason’s grandfather, told the Southern Illinoisan. But what Yodeling Kid does in the video is much more difficult than the typical karaoke song.

Yodeling is no easy feat, even for seasoned vocalists, and Ramsey’s ability to perform such vocal gymnastics at a moment’s notice is impressive. The traditional style of singing requires Ramsey to shift vocal registers from high to low very quickly. This uncommon skill has now leant itself to dozens of new remixes circulating the internet. While a clear bluegrass country devotee, the young cowboy can now be heard in dubstep, EDM, trap music, and several covers.

The Trap Remix

This trap remix from YouTube account @Ramzoid garnered over 700,000 views in three days. Responding to demand, the producer shared a full-length version on SoundCloud, which has received over 200,000 plays.

The EDM Remix

EDM has been one of the more popular ways to remix Yodeling Kid, but this particular version has been watched 2.5 million times. Fans who need more should check out the hour-long version.

Yodeling Kid ft. Flo Rida

While Flo Rida has not endorsed Yodeling Kid (yet), there are remixes that sample from both artists seamlessly. Maybe a collaboration is in the future.

Yodeling Kid ft. Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown shared her own favorite version of Yodeling Kid on Instagram, complete with her own moves.

The Wonder Woman Remix

Yodeling Kid’s several remixes are becoming fodder for even more music videos, and some have such seamless transitions that they’d pass for the original video.