New 'Solo' Trailer Already Spoiled One 'Star Wars' Origin Story

On detail from Han Solo’s past has already been revealed by the latest trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. In a quick scene, we now know how Han got his heavy blaster. His criminal mentor, Beckett (Woody Harrelson) throws it to him during a campfire hang out.

On Sunday, a new trailer for Solo was released by Lucasfilm, which successfully does what previous trailers struggled with; making us feel like this was a fun Han Solo movie. And in addition to maybe retconning Chewie’s wife Mala from the Star Wars Holiday Special, the new footage also firmly established Han as the wet-behind-the-ears newcomer to this big outer space adventure, effectively, making him the new Luke Skywalker of the next Star Wars movie. But, because Han’s origin story is less pure than Luke’s, the moment where he is given an iconic weapon — like Obi-Wan handing Luke his lightsaber — is actually some dude just giving him a blaster pistol right after kissing it. Yep, Han’s blaster, now retroactively has always belonged to Woody Harrelson first.

Yep. That blaster didn't always belong to Han...Lucasfilm

Channeling his drunk Hunger Games character, Haymitch Abernathy, Harrelson also warns Han that once he’s in “this life,” he’s in forever. By this life, they’re talking about being space criminals, and we all know space criminals would be nothing without a trusty blaster at their side. Creepily or not, the prop for Han’s blaster —a DL-44 Blastech Blaster Pistol — is based on a real gun, a Mauser C96, which is a German gun that dates back to WWI. In fact, most blasters in Star Wars movies are based on real guns, which is why they look so menacing.

Whether or not audiences will all collectively be able to get on board with Han Solo being depicted as a cold-blooded killer who shoots first and asks questions later all depends on how the movie plays out. But, for those curious about how he got that iconic blaster pistol, it seems we now have an answer.

Of course, there’s a slew of other things about Han’s past that we may or may not find out in Solo. Like: where is the bathtub on the Millennium Falcon? Or what the hell is the deal with the Kessel Run and the misuse of parsecs?

No matter what, this campfire scene in Solo makes the movie look a lot like a western set in outer space. Which, if we’re all being honest, might be the best way to think about it. -Solo: A Star Wars Story opens everywhere on May 25.

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