Twitter Just Pounced on the Best Inadvertent 'Terminator' Reference Ever

Just like Skynet, Twitter is self-aware.


This afternoon a Financial Times correspondent named Sarah O’Connor tweeted the business paper’s article about a killer robot in a German power plant. (We wrote about the same incident on Inverse). But O’Connor forgot her name is one letter and an apostrophe away from the woman who saved humanity from Judgment Day.

Twitter pounced and swept her into a round of the best possible viral marketing the new Terminator movie could have hoped for.

Despite her plea to leave her alone all because she tweets about boring economic stuff, the Internet didn’t let her off the hook.

O’Connor was good sport, and tried to play the adult by reminding everyone that robots literally killing people isn’t the best comedy grist.

Alright Twitter, you had your fun … but, truly, this was a tough one to resist. When the universe drops an organic Terminator reference where you least expect it, during the week the new Terminator movie is in theaters, what else is there to say except some variety of Austrian-accented catchphrase?

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