7.2.2015 8:18 PM


Watch A 7-Minute Stroll Through the Worst Nuclear Disaster In History 

A walk on the radioactive side. 


Almost 30 years after the worst nuclear disaster in human history, Chernobyl is still abandoned — and still radioactive. Though not radioactive enough that you can’t take a quiet stroll that is at once sobering and peaceful. Like a modern-day Pompeii, the residents living near Chernobyl left in a hurry (and were told they could come back soon), leaving behind a now-decayed snapshot of Soviet life.

YouTuber Derek Muller walks you through what he describes as the closest thing to a postapocalyptic wasteland on Earth. But there are no giant Ukranian wolves or lethal doses of radiation (the highest we see is just over 5 microSieverts on the Geiger Counter) — just nature slowly reclaiming an old city.

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