'Venom' Movie: Tom Hardy Says Don't Worry About That Disappointing Rumor


Eager fans weren’t exactly thrilled by the first trailer to Tom Hardy’s Venom movie, largely because there wasn’t really any, uh, Venom in it. The fanged, black Symbiote barely makes an appearance, and a rumor last week suggested that Eddie Brock (Hardy) won’t actually become the Venom Marvel fans know until the very end of the movie. Over the weekend, though, the actor went on Instagram to refute the rumors.

“Just sayin Venom suit - myths usually asinine circulate about things usually by those who have failed to garner credible intel,” Hardy wrote in a caption accompanying a picture of an ominous “face eater” skull logo.

The not-so-credible intel Hardy’s referring to that started this rumor was a blog post from former IGN editor Jeremy Conrad. In a now-deleted post on his site Manabyte, Conrad claimed to have info about the film, writing that “the majority of the movie sees the symbiote manifest itself via veins on Brock’s arms, tendrils, additional arms, and a shield during a car chase.” It’s only at the very end that Hardy fully becomes the iconic black and white Venom from the comics.

Hardy says this is bogus, although it’s worth noting that the star of Sony’s upcoming blockbuster has a vested interest in making sure that bad rumors about the film don’t dissuade fans from buying tickets.

We’ll probably see more of Venom than that original rumor led fans to suggest, but everything we know about Venom is making it seem like it won’t be a traditional superhero movie. A costume — or lack thereof — is only part of that.

Venom opens in theaters on October 5.