'Impulse' Trailer: YouTube Turns 'Jumper' Into TV

On Thursday, YouTube released the teaser trailer for upcoming drama Impulse. The series is a moody series about teenager Henry Coles who soon discovers she has the ability to teleport and also an extension of the Jumper franchise. The original film, based on a novel of the same name, was about a young man who teleports that is being chased by a secret society planning to kill him.

Henry is rebellious and feels stuck in her small town because she feels very different. In the trailer, she is seen getting in trouble with the authorities and running around with her few friends. But when she is attacked by her high school’s “Golden Boy,” her powers manifest and she had to deal with the aftermath of her assault and newfound powers.

Like Jumper, Impulse is based on a book in Steven Gould’s Jumper series. While Jumper was loosely based on the first novel, the YouTube series is based on the third installment.



Doug Liman, who directed 2008 film Jumper, will serve as executive producer on the YouTube series. He told Deadline he wanted another shot at the franchise because it’s the film he’s “the least happy with.”

While it may not be part of the YouTube series, there’s an interesting connection between the new show and the 2008 film. Hayden Christensen played David Rice in the film, who was the man at the center of the action, and Rachel Bilson played his love interest Millie. In the third book in the series, their child, is the main character. The show has changed Millicent’s name to Henry and, of course, neither Bilson and Christensen are set to appear on the series, so it’s doubtful that they share continuity with one another. But, just know that in some alternate universe, Summer Roberts and Anakin Skywalker are Henry’s parents.

Impulse will premiere in 2018 on YouTube Red.

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