Here Are The Products Inverse Readers Love the Most

A collection of the greatest hits we've recommended.


Over here at the Inverse Commerce section, we’re dedicated to discovering and sharing the very coolest gadgets, the very weirdest curiosities, and, yes, the very longest iPhone cables. In our short life so far, we’ve gone to bat for everything from powerful wireless charging stations to heavily discounted towel sets. Yeah, we said you should buy a set of 8 towels, and we’d do it again.

We crunched the numbers to find the very best-sellers of what we’ve recommended so far. In case you missed that great software bundle deal the first time, in case you’re new here, or in case you lost that cheap, cheap pair of sunglasses already, we’ve compiled our greatest hits of the past few months.

Anker Powerline

11. Anker Powerline+ ii

Anker makes the best charging technology around, and its 10-foot nylon braises cable is the best in class. Get back your freedom and charge your phone from across the room. It's a game-changer. Amazon, $19.99

Utopia towels

10. Utopia Towels Premium 8-Piece Towel Set

We weren't kidding about the towels! Currently 65% off, this seriously good deal on towels is all you'll ever need to upgrade your home, and finally throw out that horrible one you've been using since college. Amazon, $21.23


9. Pay-What-You-Want Python Coding Course

Yes, pay what you want! If ever you've wanted to get in on coding, now's the time. Valued at $559, this course in Python gives you a lifetime subscription, so you can learn a seriously valuable new skill at whatever pace you please. Stack Social, average price currently $12.71

Luenx glasses

8.LUENX Clubmaster Polarized Sunglasses

These expensive-looking sunglasses are actually cheap as hell,  don't break the minute you get them in your hands, and come polarized. Ray Ban tends to charge an extra $50 for that privilege in its glasses, so wow! What a deal. In other words: they're perfect. Amazon, $10

uni-ball pens

7. The Best Pen In the World

The Uni-Ball Roller Micro is the greatest pen money can buy, and it's just $6.92 for a set of 12 that will last you a while. No wonder so many of you snapped it up. Amazon, $6.92

Gamma Ray glasses

6. Gamma Ray Polarized UV400 Classic Style Sunglasses, 3 Pack

Sometimes one pair just isn’t enough, and to that end, Gamma Ray has your back. It offers three-packs of its wildly cheap, offensively good polarized glasses. You could buy 30 pairs for the cost of most mid-range sunglasses. That’s just insane. Amazon, $16.99


4. FastVPN Unlimited Lifetime Subsciption

Our users's favorite VPN service is currently offering a lifetime subscription for 94 percent off right now. Go get it while the getting's good. Amazon, $34.99


3. An Insanely Bright Camping Lantern

No getting-murdered-in-the-woods-by-an-unseen-terror-during-a-sexy-college-camping-trip for you! Amazon, $7.99

meyers candle

2. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Candle - Basil

Inverse readers love to relax in a gently-lit, clean-smelling room, apparently. This cheap candle is one of the best around, and it truly smells amazing. Amazon, $6.99


1. Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit

As far as entertainment goes, Inverse readers adore the True Crime book Mindhunter, the story that inspired Netflix's seriously good, intense original show. Amazon, $11.99

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