'The Titan' Trailer Forces Evolution and Pushes Humanity to the Brink

On Tuesday, Netflix released the trailer for upcoming Netflix original movie The Titan. It stars Sam Worthington as Rick Janssen, one of the test subjects chosen to undergo a treatment to force evolution, making it possible for humans to relocate to Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.

With the planet dying, one group decides to find a new home for the human race in the stars in this sci-fi thriller. Tom Wilkinson stars as the scientist conducting the experiment while Taylor Schilling plays Rick’s understandably concerned wife. In order to live elsewhere, they force the next stage in human evolution.

'The Titan'


The trailer shows Rick going through the treatment and the resulting transformation looking ever less like a human and more like something else. The question becomes at what point is he no longer considered human?

Adding to the suspense is Schilling as Rick’s wife, who must stand by and watch as her husband changes. Rick may be a soldier willing to make a sacrifice, but his wife shows little interest in watching the man she loves either die or morph into something other. After all, no one knows what the treatments will do.

The Titan could turn into a monster movie in the end. If Rick is no longer human, then what is stopping him from harming humans? What starts as a way to save humanity could become what ends them all.

The Titan premieres March 30, 2018 on Netflix.

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