How to Get that Elusive Music- Only 'Last Jedi' Extra Feature


By now, you may have heard that you can watch the entirety of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with just the John Williams score. This means there will be no dialogue and no sound effects, including lightsabers! But how do you get this elusive special feature? If you downloaded the movie on iTunes or Amazon, and you’re watching it on those platforms, you won’t see this option listed under extras. And that’s because it’s only available in the Movies Anywhere app. Here’s how to get Movies Anywhere and watch/listen to the score-only version of The Last Jedi.

Before you start, the nice thing about Movies Anywhere is that it’s free. All it does is round-up all your movies from different types of accounts and put them all in one spot. This means that movies in iTunes, VUDU, a Disney account or DVDs and Blu-rays containing one of those digital codes can be uploaded to this cloud. The advantage of this app is that it lets you watch movies from your iTunes account on a TV system like Roku.

Step 1. Create a Movies Anywhere Account

Movies Anywhere

This will prompt you to sign up either with a Google account, a Facebook account or another e-mail address. It seems like Google is the easiest, but either way you’ll have to check a few boxes that allows Movies Anywhere to access information on your computer.

Step 2. Choose Which Retailers You Want to Link

Movies Anywhere

This is actually the most crucial step. If you don’t connect at least one retailer, there’s no way the app can work. All Movies Anywhere does is pool the movies that exist in all these different clouds into one spot. So, if you don’t remember your iTunes password or Amazon Prime password, you’ll have to dig them out before this process starts. However, after you connect these accounts, the only password you really need to remember is what you’re using to login to Movies Anywhere.

3. Click on The Last Jedi and Scroll Down to the Score Only Version

Movies Anywhere

That’s pretty much it! Once you have Movies Anywhere it’s pretty easy to link it to a device like a Roku on your TV. You just have to enter a code from your computer. Assuming you bought The Last Jedi on one of the retailers you linked, it will pop up under your movies. Click on it and scroll down. The special feature called “Score Only Version of The Last Jedi” is under “Music & More” and it’s the first special feature right under the “Rebel Rose” Featurette.

Notably, on Tuesday night, when The Last Jedi was released for digital download, Movies Anywhere temporarily experienced a server outage. But, now that they’re back up and running, everyone can experience The Last Jedi in a delightfully minimalist way a Star Wars film has never been watched.