New Government UFO Footage Released by Tom DeLonge's Alien Academy

Yes that's right.

New footage depicting a UFO was released by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge’s extraterrestrial research institute To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences (TTSA) on Friday.

The video, which was taken in 2015 but only recently declassified by the Department of Defense (DoD), shows footage taken by a U.S. fighter jet pilot. “The unaltered footage was captured by a Raytheon advanced targeting forward-looking infrared (ATLFIR) pod, which contains the most advanced sensors and powerful tracking systems on the market,” a statement from TTSA says.

In the video, obtained by TTSA through a Freedom of Information Act request, the pilot locks his tracking system onto a small, white object flying above the ocean (in infrared vision, white means the object is hot) for around 30 seconds.

For a UFO, this small, white object is rather unassuming.

To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences

Clearly, the pilot doesn’t know what he’s looking at, a fact that delights more than frightens him. “What the fuck is that thing?” he asks with a chuckle.

In this case, the question provides the answer — it’s a UFO. Or, to use government parlance, it’s an “unidentified aerial phenomenon,” a euphemism perhaps adopted to shed the stigma of the UFO moniker.

TTSA has some rationale behind its excitement about the footage. One peculiar thing pointed out in the statement is that there are no discernible wings or tails on the object. “Even [infrared] imagery of a cruise missile, would have visible wings at this range,” the statement says.

In addition to the UFO’s shapelessness, TTSA notes there are no exhaust fumes picked up by the infrared sensors. By contrast, a typical fighter jet has an easily recognizable exhaust stream even when traveling at low speeds.

Friday’s video is just the latest piece of evidence released by DeLonge’s research institute to back up his long-held conviction that aliens definitely exist. DeLonge was awarded UFO Researcher of the Year by UFO-focused media company Open Minds in 2017.

Founded by DeLonge and former CIA official Jim Semivan in 2015, To The Stars Academy gathers scientists and researchers to study “exotic technologies,” aka what intelligent life may exist beyond our own planet. The new footage might seem like pretty tenuous evidence if TTSA wants to claim the object in the video is,,,, in fa,,ct,, an extraterrestrial craft. But when it comes to discovering the truth about aliens, it’s all the small things that really matter.

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