The New 'Power Rangers' Comic Might Be the Best Version of Them, Ever

Parents don't get mad at comics anymore. Let the fun begin.

Entertainment Weekly

There have been two decades of Power Rangers weirdness on TV. But its constant reinvention hasn’t left enough time or room to explore everything the writers (yes, there are writers) try to offer each season.

So, why not a comic book? You don’t have to hire a whole stunt team and import rubber suits from Japan. It’s perfect.

Comics publisher BOOM! Studios has just acquired the rights to the Power Rangers franchise and will create an entirely new comic book series based on the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. “[T]he new run of comics will do their best to cater to diehard fans who grew up with the show,” says BOOM! in an exclusive with Entertainment Weekly.

This is actually great. The Power Rangers haven’t had a genuine comic book presence almost… ever, and BOOM! Studios has a solid reputation for devoting genuine energy into their properties. Power Rangers is as big and as bonkers as Star Wars, with heaping doses of kaiju and Shaw Brothers kung-fu thrown in. The potential for compelling, if maybe crazy stories lie within these spandex-clad heroes, they’ve just never been taken seriously enough for anyone to try it. BOOM! looks like they actually might.

The Power Rangers franchise has creeped back into the pop culture consciousness this year. News about its 2017 movie buzz on the internet every so often, and prolific music video director Joseph Kahn broke the internet with his hyper-violent vision of the property in POWER/RANGERS.

Not that BOOM! is going to make the Rangers drug-addicted murderers, but a comic is less restrictive than a kiddie TV show. Maybe they’ll say a curse word or two.