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We are living in the age of Adderall. So dominant is the drug that golfers, attorneys, and golfing attorneys are popping the stuff. But how do other people use Adderall? Look no further than Reddit, which is basically infused with the stuff.

The high is one thing, but the side effects make for better stories.

Party Down South

The FDA does not mention substantial BMs as an Adderall side effect. As an oral amphetamine blend, however, the ways Adderall tweaks the gastrointestinal system are unpredictable and may well stimulate bowel movements. Here’s some evidence.

I’m a prescribed Adderall XR user. I take anywhere between 10 and 20mg a day. When I take it, about an hour into it’s effective time, I take the most brutal shits. They don’t come out in a nice log, they come out in a torrent with a consistency that isn’t liquid, but it isn’t totally solid either; it’s something in between.
I’m not complaining, it’s super enjoyable.

Lessons in Tipping

Tip like a human being: with money. This might seem like fun, but don’t do it. Six times out of ten, it won’t work.

We went out to a local wine bar. Everything was pleasant enough during our time there, although there were a couple minor red flags. However, when it came time to leave and the valet pulled the car around, she reached her closed hand out to him, palm down, and said, “You like Adderall? These are 30’s.” The guy’s eyes got absolutely huge. He looked at me and then back at her and said, “No. No. No thank you,” and withdrew his hand really, really fast. I was (and am) dumbfounded.

Self Love is Self Love

The FDA description of side effect does not reference altered libido in humans, though rodent studies have indicated sexual changes. The amphetamine’s ability to shrink penises is a temporary psychosexual effect that has been described in the literature as Whizz-Dick.

Hi, I am a guy and I have been prescribed adderall. However, I have this constant urge to masturbate whenever I take it. I keep on having sexual thoughts and urges to masturbate, it’s completely bizarre.

Minecraft is a Hell of a Game

Games that stimulate the detail-oriented, reptilian part of the brain can be rendered more enjoyable on Adderall, or just habit forming.

Last night I decided to take approx 75mg xr adderall (total) over about 2 hours but I had crushed up the Wax balls and put the powder back in the caps in hopes of having it hit harder. I planned on just playing Minecraft for a few hours and watching tv after doing some assignments. Little did I know that I would watch the sun rise while constructing my world. I had played Minecraft for almost 7 hours non stop. No eating. No drinking. No bathroom breaks. By the time I had realized it I had to go hop in the shower and head out the door. Needless to say today wasn’t very fun haha. Regardless, if you decide to play a open world building game while tweaking, be warned of how it will consume your entire existence!

Starcraft Works Too

It was very helpful for getting my work done, but I quickly discovered its potential as a recreational drug. Any game I played Adderall made me better at, and at made playing the game more fun. I would spend one night a week or so staying up playing games on Adderall, and simply make up for it the next couple days.
I’d played Starcraft casually, but never had broken Bronze, then one day I sat down on Adderall, and experienced a hunger to win unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I’d come home from work or school, take Adderall, and play till four, five, six, or even seven in the morning. My heart would be pounding, and I’d have this weird body odor from wearing the same socks for 20 hours straight. My legs would often be numb from sitting in exactly the same position without getting up, not even to pee. In fact during this point in my life I once got a UTI, which I blame on holding my pee for several hours as I continued to play Starcraft.

A Pharmacist Explains How Not To Buy Adderall

As a long-term therapy for ADHD and other attention disorders, Adderall has been on the scene since the mid-‘90s — way before you could buy it with an Emoji, or its fictional equivalent knocked the limits off Bradley Cooper and turned him into live-action Brain. It remains unclear if it actually boosts cognition or simply makes you more alert and therefore feel smarter, but it is a controlled substance. Which means pharmacies are verboten but it’s sold at New York University for $15 a pop. Here’s a damn fine example of how not to get some.

A college kid, about early 20s, came in today asking to “buy some Adderall.” I asked for his prescription and he glared at me and started telling me about how the doctors won’t prescribe it to him and that I should just be a “bro” and “fetch” it for him. Yeah, ok buddy. His girlfriend quickly chimes in and says that I’m being totally unfair and ridiculous and I need to understand “where [he’s] coming from.” So these two are holding up the line while everyone around them — other customers, my co-workers, etc. — are staring at them. How stupid could you possibly be? I explain that this is a schedule II drug and requires a written prescription and if I do not have that prescription, I can lose my license and be jailed for trying to fill that. Buddy boy and his gal pal scream and cuss at me for not breaking the law for them.

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