8 Books That Were Adapted Into Oscar-Nominated Movies This Year

From superviolent comic books to historical nonfiction.

The hero of 'Logan' isn't the Wolverine fans remember.

The 90th Academy Awards are nearly upon us, and unless you’re a serious film nerd, you probably didn’t get around to watching all the nominees. It’s fine. We get it. You’re busy, and Phantom Thread was only showing at that one tiny theater all the way across town.

With or without consuming some of the best cinema 2017 had to offer, nothing beats having a couple of good books ready to go. And nothing beats being that “actually, in the novel…” person, who everyone loves. To that end, we compiled all the best books you can buy right now, whose movie counterparts are up for the top awards at the 2018 Oscars. Get reading.


8. Call Me By Your Name

The novel that launched the film that launched a thousand Timothée Chalamet fan tumblrs. Call Me By your Name, like its faithful adaptation, is a languid and beautiful story that truly takes you back to that first summer being in love. Amazon, $9.99

disaster artist

7. The Disaster Artist

Ever wondered how the worst movie of all time ever got made, let alone how? James Franco's good-not-great movie only tells part of the story of Tommy Wiseau; the mysterious Hollywood outsider who, accidentally, ended up changing the industry. Amazon, $11.99

dunkirk korda

6. Alone: Britain, Churchill, and Dunkirk: Defeat Into Victory

Chris Nolan's epic Dunkirk was a gorgeous, respectful war movie that brough something unexpectedly thoughtful and new to a tired genre. Michael Korda's expanded, heavily-researches account reveals the story that inspired the movie. Amazon, $14.16

old man logan

5. Wolverine: Old Man Logan

Logan was a surprising but deserved entry in this year's Best Adapted Screenplay nominations, and the run of comics it's (very loosely) based on remains an absolute classic. Essential reading for even the most casual fans of Hugh Jackman's now-iconic character. Amazon, $7.50

all the money in the world

4. All the Money in the World: previously published as Painfully Rich

Ridley Scott's one month of reshoots to fully extract Kevin Spacey out of this movie dominated the headlines, but the story itself is still wild and almost brazenly true. The Getty family is one that has been hurt and corrupted by power and wealth in just about every way imaginable. Amazon, $5.38

darkest hour

3. Darkest Hour: How Churchill Brought England Back from the Brink

Gary Oldman is all but nailed-on as your Best Leading Actor this year, unless Chalamet makes a late push. His measured and eerily accurate portrayal of Winston Churchill is something to behold, as was the man himself, for reasons good and bad. Amazon, $11.99

Molly's Game

2. Molly's Game

Jessica Chastain is a marvel in Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut about the aspiring Olympic skier who became one of the biggest names in underground poker. If that sounds too good to be true, guess what" you're wrong. Amazon, $11.99


1. Mudbound

Dee Rees's Netflix Original was a late entrant into the Oscar conversation, but boy did it make an impact. Mudbound is an extraordinary book, with its adaptation now responsible for the Academy's first ever female Director of Photography. Amazon, $8.61