First Picture of Shazam Reveals DC’s Most Comic Booky Costume Yet

DC Comics

Zachary Levi is either filming DC’s Shazam or is straight up cosplaying. Either way, Levi’s super suit for the classic DC hero Shazam (formerly known as Captain Marvel) may be the most authetnically retro and comic book-y onscreen superhero costume yet.

On Tuesday, on-set photos of Levi in costume as Shazam began to surface online. Though the most widely-shared photo is doesn’t reveal the whole costume, it’s still a generous look for a picture someone stealthily took on their smartphone. Without an official reveal by Warner Bros., the photo is the best look yet at Levi’s cinematic costume for Shazam, directed by David Sandberg (Annabelle: Creation).

In a dramatic change from blockbuster superhero costumes, which are so often military-grade fabrics or just, like, armor, Levi appears to be wearing bright spandex, leather boots, and a thin fabric material for a cape. It is a delightfully old school build that hardcore enthusiasts may welcome with open arms (while disappointing edgelords who like their heroes grim ‘n gritty).

The location also appears to be directed with Christmas in mind. Note all the holiday decorations in what appears to be a shopping mall. Could Shazam be the first real Christmas superhero movie? (Iron Man 3 barely counts.)

Levi is also speculated to be wearing synthetic muscles to give him a puffed-up look. As one of the beefiest heroes in the DC Universe, some fans expressed a concern that Levi was a bit too lean to fill in Shazam’s tights. (Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot faced the same criticisms when she was cast as the Amazonian superhero in 2014.) Based on tweets from his trainer, Levi has been training tirelessly for the role since late October.

Shazam will hit theaters on April 5, 2019.

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