It’s Time for Interracial Couple Emoji, Argues Tinder and Reddit Co-Founder

#RepresentLove aims for more inclusivity. 


Interracial couples may finally getting the #relationshipgoals emoji they so deserve.

The founders of Tinder, with the help of Jennifer Lee of Emojination, are spearheading a project titled #RepresentLove that aims to create change from within Tinder to make inclusivity a reality for interracial couples. The project also gained the support of Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian.

“Today, Tinder is fighting for emoji equality — because all races should have a place on your keyboard,” the company announced Tuesday.

“There’s an emoji for just about everything. But there’s no emoji for interracial couples. Please join us in support of the Interracial Couple Emoji Project,” Tinder’s video announcement states, along with a link to sign the petition.

The petition currently has more than than 650 signatures from people asking Unicode, the computing industry standard, to add the newly-designed emojis. Unicode Consortium is the online governing body of emoji design and use, and are known to add new emoji designs every June.

Aside from encouraging people to sign the Interracial Couples Emoji petition, the project is also asking them to share the video of racially diverse couples using the #RepresentLove hashtag to spread the word among family and friends.

Furthermore, Tinder also announced that couples who share a photo of themselves in the iconic “emoji stance” on Twitter have a chance of winning an emojified version of themselves.

This is Tinder’s latest attempt to highlight more diversity through its app’s features. Back in 2016, the company launched More Genders, a way to allow folks the ability to identify beyond man or woman on Tinder.

Tinder is one of the largest dating apps on the market, [reportedly producing[( 800 million swipes and 10 million matches daily. Owned by the Match Group, which also owns and operates dating platforms OkCupid, PlentyOfFish, and Match, Tinder has become an integral part of millennial dating culture since its launch in 2012.

It’s no surprise also that Tinder wants to help with the interracial emoji milestone. Last year, research showed the dating app has helped increase the rates of interracial marriages with its matchmaking features.

Now it’s aiming to allow those successfully-in-love users to find representation online through the planned emojis.