'Flash' Multiverse Has Gone Haywire in 'Tom and Grant' Trailer

The Flash has brought many Earths to viewers courtesy of the multiverse. Some look just like ours while others are drastically different worlds where people are cannibals who have turned themselves into machines. It’s a wild world out in the multiverse and yet the Tom and Grant trailer is still surprising.

On Tuesday, a new trailer for the film Tom and Grant was released. It’s a short film starring The Flash stars Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh as two incompetent bank robbers planning a heist. The duo believe they have the perfect plan. Let others rob a bank then steal from the robbers. Except they are truly idiots and their plan is foolish considering the scale of the job these small-time crooks are taking on.

Cavanagh executive produced, wrote and directed the short film in addition to starring in it.

This is not the first instance of Arrowverse stars teaming up for outside projects. Real-life cousins and Arrowverse stars Stephan and Robbie Amell made a sci-fi action film called Code 8. Also, Greg Berlanti is adapting novel Love, Simon for film and cast Keiynan Lonsdale in it. Gustin and Cavanagh have been on The Flash together since the series began in 2014.

Watching Cavanagh play a moron will be new for fans of The Flash. Over the 4 seasons, viewers have been many versions of his character Dr. Wells, thanks to the multiverse. Some evil, some rude, some good, but all smart. Even the third season’s version wasn’t a brilliant scientist, but he did fake being a genius very well and was a successful novelist. Tom and Grant will provide the opportunity for fans of The Flash to see him play stupid.

Tom and Grant does not have a premiere date yet.