Leslie Jones's Olympic Tweets Encapsulate What's Great About the Internet

Who needs to watch the Olympics when you've got Leslie Jones' commentary?

Leslie Jones smiling on TV

Back in 2016, when NBC decided not to broadcast Olympic events live or make the games available for viewing online, leading to many would-be Olympic fans simply tuning out, actress and comedian Leslie Jones, of Saturday Night Live and Ghostbusters fame, began live-tweeting her enthusiastic reactions to the games.

Thankfully, it’s a tradition that she is now continuing during this year’s winter olympics.

Jones’ live tweets of the Olympic events combine a brief, pithy caption, a low-tech video clip and, the best part, her witty voiceover reactions to whatever is going on on screen. (Turn your sound up on her tweets!) She’s basically the best friend or older sister that you wish you were watching the Olympics with.

That, of course, sums up the incredible magic of the Olympics in the age of the Internet: you don’t even need to watch the games on TV anymore when you can get the highlights from your favorite celebrity, whom Twitter makes it feel like you’re sitting next to. It’s an increasingly rare, and refreshing, case of some positivity living on the platform.

And it’s particularly fitting that that celebrity is Leslie Jones, the talented actress who temporarily left Twitter after her personal website was hacked and she was trolled for her race by right-wing agitator Milo Yiannopoulos and his supporters.

So, without further ado, Inverse presents the best of the Olympic Games thus far — as and narrated by the hilarious Leslie Jones:

Sometimes, she’s providing narration to the conversation between the athlete and the Olympic committee that you wish happened.

At other times, she’s just in awe of what the athletes are doing. “It’s almost like they’re running on ice! It just looks so dope and unorganized and chaos!” She says during a speed skating competition.

She also has a lot of thoughts on the outfits of the various Olympians…

“These ski outfits are giving you NO room!” She says of an American skier.

She describes a figure skating duo’s costumes as traditional.

And loves the Black Panther-esque ice skating costume of American figure skater Nathan Chen.

And even comments on the “bedazzled” headpieces of the official commentators.

Occasionally, she also yells at the athletes on television — a much-celebrated tradition of sports fans all over.

If you’ve been following Jones for a while, you know that her Olympic tweets are just as great as her non-Olympic tweets, which are down-to-earth and super relatable, despite the fact that Leslie Jones is kind of living the life that we all wish we were.

Like the time that she met Thor:

Or when she called out the blatant racism behind politician Ben Carson’s incredibly misguided equation of slavery to immigration.

So, from all of the rest of us back home, thank you Leslie Jones for expressing everything that we all feel, both during the Olympics and normal life.

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