'Dude Bro Party Massacre III' Looks Ready to Steal 'Kung Fury''s Batshit Crown

Low budget, high gore.

If you somehow missed the violent melee of ‘80s action spoof Kung Fury, then here’s a brief overview of why it’s so badass. That thirty-minute short packed in every type of homage into its brisk running time, from the weird genre blend of sci-fi, horror and action to its VHS-style tracking lines. It’s well worth checking out over on YouTube, especially for the snooty British dinosaur detective called Triceracop.

Nothing stays new for long though, and it looks like there’s another movie out to steal Kung Fury’s crown for the most batshit thing ever. Brace yourselves, because Dude Bro Party Massacre III is on its way. Plucking inspiration from the same decade, this next loopy spoof lifts its influences specifically from slasher movies. Even the title snips at the excess of the rampant subgenre, because there is no part 1 or part 2. One of the movie’s three directors Michael Rousselet said the trio “wanted it to be a love letter from a crazy ex to the horror genre” and that includes its super low-budget and utterly bizarre stylistic choices.

They brought the “crazy” by adopting a practically unheard-of writing technique; all of the production team were tasked with writing scenes by themselves which were then shot and somehow assembled into a cohesive cut. This practice shares some similarity to a literary exercise endorsed by writer William Burroughs called the “Cut-up technique” which involved taking an entire text, chopping it into pieces and re-arranging it. And we all know how insane his stories turned out.

Of course, as the title implies the biggest genre flip is in its leading cast. Instead of a bunch of defenseless women being stalked by a killer, this time it’s a helpless gaggle of fraternity brothers — who are united by a surprise celebrity’s appearance that possibly tops any other horror movie cameo in history. Much like Fury snared ‘80s staple David Hasselhoff, the producers for this next spoof got Andrew W.K. Their reasoning? “How can you make a movie with ‘party’ in the title and not include Andrew?”

We can’t really argue with that one.

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