'Deadpool 2' Trailer Reveals That Terry Crews Is an X-Men Character


Marvel fans got heaping doses of Cable in the new trailer for Deadpool 2, but there was one big surprise who came in locked and loaded: Terry Crews, the popular actor who stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In Deadpool 2, Crews plays an as-yet-unknown mutant who joins up with Deadpool, Domino, and several other unnamed mutants (likely members of the X-Force, or Cable’s Six Pack). Crews can be seen in the trailer standing to the right of Deadpool aboard a military dropship. Blink and you miss him.

But, who could Crews be playing in the X-Men universe? Based on the fact Deadpool 2 heavily features Cable, it’s likely Crews is Hammer, an obscure mutant introduced by Deadpool creators Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza in X-Force. An ally of Cable and part of his Six Pack unit, Hammer possesses superhuman strength but is also a genius-level intellect with photographic memory. Well-versed in computers and technology, Hammer builds himself an exosuit after being paralyzed after an ambush by the mutant villain Stryfe.

Crews’s involvement in Deadpool 2 appears to have been a heavily guarded secret, as the actor is still not even listed on the film’s IMDB page as of this writing. Also, most of the internet is reacting with equal bewilderment. So no, you’re not dreaming: Terry Crews is in Deadpool 2, and it’s as much of a surprise for everyone else.

Welcome to 'Deadpool 2,' Terry Crews.

YouTube.com/20th Century Fox

There are other characters waiting to be introduced in Deadpool 2 as well. Besides providing a better glimpse at both Cable (Josh Brolin) and Domino (Zazie Beetz), Deadpool 2 may be setting up an onscreen X-Force team. Fans believe that the mutant Shatterstar also appears in the same frame as Terry Crews/Shatterstar, obscured by Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds). Shatterstar was a member of the X-Force, as were Domino, Cable and Deadpool, though Deadpool was never part of the team at the same time as Shatterstar.

Deadpool 2 will be released in theaters on May 18.