7 Impressively Engineered Pairs of Sunglasses for Less Than $100

They're cheap, they're cool, and most importantly, you can afford to lose (most of) them.

Unsplash / Chinh Le Duc

How often have you bought a nice pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses, promised yourself the hefty purchase would mean you’ll never lose a pair again, and then lost it nearly immediately? It’s okay if you’re embarrassed. I’ll go: Once at a bar on my 21st birthday (obviously), once at a bar just one summer ago, and once in a movie theater that same summer, mere WEEKS after I replaced the old pair.

I vowed never again to drop three figures on an accessory that, at best, doesn’t actively hurt your face while you try to keep the sun out of your eyes. How good can a pair of sunglasses ever really be? Here are the cheaper, better sunglass options under $100 the brand names don’t want you to know about. Including… a pair of Ray-Bans.


7. D&L Menswear Ebony Bamboo Wood Folding Sunglasses

The wooden construction of the D&L sunglasses means they’re lighter and more durable than a lot of their plastic or metal counterparts. What’s more, they fold up real small and have a pleasing unique look about the,[Amazon, $29.99]


6. WOODIES Walnut Wood Wayfarer Sunglasses

Once you’re done snickering at that name, please consider: the Woodies are a great pair of glasses. They have a classic style, mixed with a modern wooden finish, and polarized lenses. Something the top-range brands charge an arm and a leg for. [Amazon, $22.50]


5. Ray-Ban Unisex RB4105 Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses, Lilac Mirror Lenses

This is a great deal on a pair of sunglasses that goes for nearly twice this amount usually. That is, if you’re down with the flashy lenses (and why wouldn’t you be? They look rad.) [Amazon, $87.50]


4. zeroUV Compact Folding Sunglasses

A cheap, no-nonsense pair of sunglasses for people who just want to keep the sun’s fatal rays out of their retinas, thank you very much. At less than $10, you can feel free to lose these guys again and again. [Amazon, $9.99]


3. LUOMON Men’s Polarized Wayfarer Sunglasses

These stylish, modern, polarized glasses are some of the lightest and most comfortable in the game, which is really saying something here. [Amazon, $28.99]


2. Gamma Ray Polarized UV400 Classic Style Sunglasses, 3 Pack

Sometimes one pair just isn’t enough, and to that end, Gamma Ray has your back. It offers three-packs of its wildly cheap, offensively good polarized glasses. You could buy 30 pairs for the cost of most mid-range sunglasses. That’s just insane. [Amazon, $15.99]


1. CPS Retro Mirror Wayfarer Sunglasses

Nothing fancy here, just a neat pair of glasses that won’t break the bank and that fold up super small, impressing all your friends. [Amazon, $10.99]