The Skyscraper in the Rock's 'Skyscraper' Movie is Probably Sci-Fi

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Is the giant skyscraper in the Rock’s new action movie, Skyscraper based on a real skyscraper? The answer is unclear, but right now, this building looks like it’s from an alternate dimension.

On Friday, the first poster and synopsis for the film Skyscraper was released, which is really interesting, because up until now very little has been known about the story of the film. According to the synopsis, the film stars Johnson as Will Sawyer who is tasked with assessing the security of a building in China, which is the world’s biggest and most technologically advanced skyscraper. From the looks of the poster, this building may push the movie from action thriller to science fiction because this building doesn’t seem to actually exist in our world.

Judging by the look of it and the teaser’s description this building is something out of another dimension. It is leaps and bound ahead of the rest of the world in the film, but it’s far from reality. This building is definitely not your everyday high rise. We may not know exactly how tall this building is, to be the tallest it would have to beat the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 2,717 feet tall and has been the world’s tallest building since 2008. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol actually shot a huge action sequence in and on the building.

Furious 7 had an action sequence from one building to another. Those buildings, the Etihad Towers in Abu Dubai, are a collection of buildings with the tallest standing at 1,000 feet.

'Skyscraper' film poster.

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Sawyer will have to take on the building itself it seems after he is framed for setting it on fire. Making matters worse, his family is somehow trapped inside. From the look of the poster, it seems he will be using a very unique approach to reach his loved ones inside.

The film was written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. Neve Campbell, Chin Han, Byron Mann and Pablo Schreiber also star in the film.

The first trailer for the upcoming film is being released during the Super Bowl.

Skyscraper is set to premiere on July 13, 2018.

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