5 Times 'Black Mirror' Reflected Reality

The spookiest show in the game.

by Inverse Video

If you’re looking for a show to confirm your long-held belief that technology is going to murder everybody, Netflix’s Black Mirror is definitely for you. From scary robot dogs to a global social media obsession, Black Mirror has been creating an eerie, all-tooo-real look into our society in a barely different alternate universe. Or,, at least, that was the idea. Some of the episodes don’t even have the decency to be fiction.

Black Mirror is at its absolute pants-shitting scariest when it’s merely a reflection of exactly what is happening in the world today. You may be aware of the groundbreaking prime minister pig episode, but it’s hard to see something like that truly happening with British Prime Minister Theresa May or President President Donald Trump. Episodes like the robotic dog, social media caste systems, and A.I. companies, however, are actual things that exist today. The ability to leave your house or apartment right now and experience it makes what was supposed to be a spooky episode of television a little too believable.

If you ask the world’s smartest person candidate Elon Musk, he’d probably agree that Black Mirror is the only show that paints A.I. in a properly scary light. Musk has long been a supporter of A.I. regulation and management, and it only takes about three minutes of any tech-focused Black Mirror episode to wonder if they might be onto something. Seriously though, enjoy the show. It might be the last interesting thing in existence after the robots take over.

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