Fortify Your Resumé with New Skills in this Massive Course Bundle

Get smarter and make more money. Who are you to say no?

Unsplash / Alex Kotliarskyi

If you hate your job with a burning passion, there are a couple things you can do about it: Tell your boss where to shove it and peace out of the office at 11:30 a.m. on a Tuesday, giant box of stolen pens in tow. Or, you can continue to go in every day, mutter obscenities under your breath, and allow yourself to be cowed into indentured servitude until the sun swallows us all sometime soon (fingers crossed). Until then, though, why not try a new skill or two and get yourself on the track to a new, better career?

The Complete eduCBA Professional Training Bundle will provide you with an almost endless amount of opportunity to learn new skills and brush up on old ones (sadly, it will not teach you how to do any job like professional wrestling or drag racing, but you get the idea.) It’s got more than 4,800 courses and 9,500 hours of HD training touching on a variety of fields like tech, finance, and project management. It also includes courses on soft skills where you’ll learn about management, organization, communication, and resumé building because you still haven’t caught that typo in the last 27 you sent out.

With each acquired skill, you’ll get certificates of completion to fortify your resumé. This bundle gives you lifetime access to every available course, which means that you never get to stop learning. While to some that sounds like a nightmare curse an evil wizard might burden someone with, there are others who are super down to learn. This is for you.

Never stop improving your dang life with the Complete eduCBA Professional Training Bundle. Normally, it will set you back $7,970, but Inverse readers can get the entire bundle for only $79.99.

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